About Ninety Nine

I’d like to know your story.

Like the majority of businesses, we were born after identifying a real problem, and the need to fix it.

Our founder had grown tired of the high commissions his traditional brokers were charging him. These commissions were almost always higher than the profits he earned for his investments. For example, when you invest 100€ in a stock, and they charge you 10€ to do so, you’d have to earn a return of 10% just to pay for it.

This practice is the main reason for which many people see investing in the stock market as something restricted to the privileged few.

It even affects people with big pockets too. When an investor wants to trade larger quantities, the commissions vary as a function of size. This translates to the disproportionate and constant payment of an excessive “tax” to financial middlemen.

The more we studied the problem, the bigger it seemed. But the need to fix it, even bigger. Researching for months, we realized that the financial middlemen barely pay a few cents per trade and that their fees aren’t anything more than the result of a power dynamic so rooted in the financial system that it seemed impossible to question.

Ultimately, it meant eliminating one of the most respected figures in the stock market, the middlemen. An authentic struggle with giants. An authentic revolution. And for us, that alone made it worth a try.

So we not only question the system. We decided to confront it. And in doing so, make it possible for millions of people to invest their savings fairly.

Today we are a team of exceptional humans, and after many hours of work and effort, we can say that we were right. It could be done. It was all worth it.

It fills us with pride to welcome you to your online broker. Simple. Commission free.

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