About ninety nine

How will you do it?

Working as a team on all levels.

1 - We’ve formed a highly-qualified and multidisciplinary team.

Comprised of experts in finance, regulation, product, and technology. Between us we are developing great technology that will allow you to connect to the world’s top stock markets without middlemen.(Entre todos estamos desarrollando una tecnología inédita que te permitirá conectarte sin intermediarios a las principales bolsas del mundo.)

2 - We’ve partnered with leading financial institutions.

Those that not only believe that the world is changing, but want it to. Soon we will announce our list of partners. With their backing we are sure we’ll end up earning your trust.

3 - We’ve received financing and constant support from the biggest names in finance.

Bankers, international experts in financial markets, and venture capital funds. Like us, they are driven by a desire to change the rules of the game and make the financial system more fair.

Together, we’re making ninety nine a reality.

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