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Will I be able to invest in CFDs?

Never. Not ever.

You can find them in the majority of brokers, where profits take priority over transparency, but don’t expect to find them in ninety nine.

Our ethics don’t allow us to sell products that we don’t even believe in, much less buy.

 About CFDs:

Contracts for difference (CFDs), are contracts in which an investor and a financial institution agree to to exchange the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of a given underlying asset (tradable securities, indexes, currencies, interest rate, and other financial assets of a financial nature.)

They are non standardized products for which the investor should consider the particular possibilities and specific risks that could exist in each case (bilateral conjugation, listing outside regulated markets, counterparty risk.)

Additionally, these are high risk, leveraged products, that can experience large losses to invested capital.

They don’t exist in an official secondary market. They’re traded electronically in platforms created by the financial institution that emits them.

To learn more, you can read the following: Contracts for Difference - European Securities and Markets Authority

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