Zero commissions? How do you make money?

Honestly, I’ve been worried about my information privacy lately. Are you going to sell my data?

No. Never. Not Ever.

A few years ago, tech businesses were seen positively in society. Young kids, full of ambition, with sweatshirts and a laptop under their arm. What harm could they cause? Little by little these businesses ceased to be young, and have become large and wealthy at the expense of our privacy. And they were able to do so because they behaved without control and without regulation to oversee them.

We operate in the financial markets. A highly regulated sector where every regulatory violation comes with a high price. For this reason

We'll promise one more time. No. Never. Not Ever, will we make money with your private information and we will safeguard it with the highest seriousness possible. Exactly how we would like others to treat our own data.

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